Sleeping Village

SV + CC Present:

Tommy Wright III

w/ Club Music

Ages 21 and up
Thursday, September 01
DOORS: 8pm | SHOW: 9pm
$15 / Day Of : $17

Tommy Wright III is an American rapper and record producer from Memphis, Tennessee. He began his career during the early 90s. Also referring to himself as The One Man Gang, Tommy Wright III is known for his fast paced rap style, distinguishing voice, brutal lyrics, and his instantly recognizable original backbeats. He is also the head of many Memphis rap groups including The Manson Family and Ten Wanted Men. Tommy is considered one of the creators of trap music and has greatly influenced today’s underground sound. His music has been sampled by A$AP Rocky, Suicideboys, Three 6 Mafia, Lil B, and more. He has headlined a tour with Lil Ugly Mane, a festival in Moscow, as well as other festivals in the States sponsored by the likes of Thrasher, Red Bull and other major companies.  His long standing relationship with underground skate communities has made him a beloved figure


Club Music is EBM with a strong taste of New Beat, swirled around in one rather cavernous cauldron. The bass lines march, evil, cold, precise, punctuated by textures so familiar they seem to burst more from the collective pop id than any vintage electronic hardware- handclaps, record scratches, whistles, delay-soaked barks, et al. 

This is a vision of a dark, calculated 80’s, a vision that feels truer to the real 80’s-esque hell world we currently endure than any imagined past.

From Best of Bandcamp, August 2019: “This music is hard, like new wave’s seedy underbelly. It’s industrial punk that seeks to alienate the listener, not draw them in.”