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w/ Waltzer, Yomi

Ages 21 and up
Wednesday, April 19
DOORS: 7:30pm | SHOW: 8:30pm

On July 22, DIYers twen self-released their 2nd LP ‘One Stop Shop’; a collection of 10 songs that finds the band writing, producing, mixing, directing, designing, booking and managing their own project. In an age of mediocre songs with pristine studio-production, One Stop Shop provides an antidote with 10 hook-laden compositions, chock-full of purposeful, inspired rock songs about modern life in 2022. Half-written tunes, downloaded beats, multi-producer records, stylists and PR teams should run for the hills.

Throughout the pandemic, Jane Fitzsimmons & Ian Jones self-converted their Dodge Promaster Tour-Van into a full-time, doomsday mobile-home; complete with solar power, carpentry, plumbing, propane, and refrigeration, all with their own four hands. Living in it full-time since February of 2021, 20 songs were written; 15 recorded, and 10 chosen for their post-pandemic proclamation. The songs are beautifully evocative, political without being patronizing or pandering, and widespread in their diversity of sounds & emotions. Title track “One Stop Shop (For A Fading Revolution)” is a propulsive overture for the end times, while “HaHaHome”, the album’s lead single- is an ode to brit-pop with a Stone-roses-esque bassline that could even make Paul McCartney jealous. “Brooklyn Bridge” showcases the duo’s ability to craft metaphorically complex lyrics that are simultaneously immediate because of the heartfelt prosody of Fitzsimmons’ vocals- vocals that until now, would’ve seemed out of twen’s former wheelhouse as “indie-psych-rockers”. On “Feeling In Love (From the Waist Down)” and “Sweet Dreams (In the Parking Lot)” they make good on their promise to ‘never write the same song twice’. Important; considering how many bands in the cultural sphere get by as one-trick ponies.

In addition, twen have solidified a 5 piece line-up, consisting of Merideth Hanscom on bass guitar, Asher Horton on guitar, and Luke Fedorko on drums. To show it all off, the band will be headlining 2 NYC shows at TV EYE & Mercury Lounge, before embarking on their biggest break yeta 24 city North American Tour supporting Rainbow Kitten Surprise. (All of this without an agent, management, or PR team) When you take it all in, twen are proving to be among the most original, hardworking and authentic American rock bands today. Not because they are tiktok viral, or posing in decades-cosplay and attempting to draw you in by preying on your rock-n-roll nostalgia, but because they are writing great songs, traveling the country in a van they built themselves, self-producing their own art, screenprinting their own merch, and doing it their way, all against the backdrop of the apocalypse. That image can’t be crafted by a team, and just as has always been the case, that freedom is what rock n’ roll really feels like.

Waltzer” (or “waltzy” if you know her personally) has gotta lotta voices in her head. Some of them make her talk in a Minnesota accent, some in a New Jersey accent and sometimes she’ll just scream out of nowhere… ya just neva know what you’re going to get. Good chance you’ll dance at the show, maybe mosh, potentially cry, but yeah definitely dance. </3

Yomí is a multifaceted harpist and producer from Chicago. Her harp guides her carefully crafted music, creating auditory worlds soaked in whimsical acoustics. Yomí’s work aims to change the perception of her classical instrument and its home in modern music, earning her the moniker #ThatHarpist.