Unwed Sailor w/ Babe Report, Sunjacket

Thu, May 25 21:00
After two decades of critically acclaimed and fan-adored releases, **Unwed Sailor** has become a fixture within the indie rock/pop landscape. A familiar and unceasing tide. A steady hand through turbulent channels. **Babe Report** A Chicago-based rock band featuring members of Yeesh (Tiny Engines), Geronimo! (Exploding in Sound Records), and FCKR JR (Born Yesterday Records). We are the best band in Jefferson Park. Chicago’s **Sunjacket** is not a measure-once, cut-once musical outfit. Bryan Kveton, Carl Hauck, and Garret Bodette toil over four-minute pop songs with workman-like inefficiency, at times wielding scalpels and other times axing away with almost gory abandon. The process: painstakingly thoughtful. The result: an owner’s manual printed in three different languages, only to be set ablaze and rewritten from scratch by its translators.
Doors open - 8:00 PM
Unwed Sailor
Babe Report


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