Sleeping Village

Ye Gods

w/ Club Music, Conjunto Primitivo
DJ sets by JS Alvarez, Club Drippy

Ages 21 and up
Sunday, November 13
DOORS: 8pm | SHOW: 9pm
ADV $15 / DOS $15

Ye Gods is the Occult Devotional Electronics project of British composer/producer Antoni Maiovvi. Combining drones, mantra and drum-machines-as-bassline-generator experiments the YG project has evolved from its early experiments, to a fully fledged Ligottian world of secrets and mythos. The sound of atomisation.
Club Music is EBM with a strong taste of New Beat, swirled around in one rather cavernous cauldron. The bass lines march, evil, cold, precise, punctuated by textures so familiar they seem to burst more from the collective pop id than any vintage electronic hardware- handclaps, record scratches, whistles, delay-soaked barks, et al.
This is a vision of a dark, calculated 80’s, a vision that feels truer to the real 80’s-esque hell world we currently endure than any imagined past.
From Best of Bandcamp, August 2019: “This music is hard, like new wave’s seedy underbelly. It’s industrial punk that seeks to alienate the listener, not draw them in.”

Formed in 2019 by Cesar Robles Santacruz & Ana Belén García-Higgins, Conjunto Primitivo originated as an invitation from Cesar to Ana to do vocals on a simple drum machine recording. This recording was then included on CR15, a compilation put out that year by local electronic label, Chicago Research. From then on, the duo nurtured this minimalistic sound by sending each other playlists full of cumbia, industrial, reggaeton, techno, dembow, and more. This bridge of sounds eventually culminated as their first LP, written, recorded, and produced by the duo itself. Released August 2022 through Chicago Research, Conjunto Primitivo’s ‘Morir Y Renacer’ is a collage of dark synthesizers and a wealth of rhythms, both tender and ferocious, familiar yet cryptic.
JS Alvarez is a shape shifting lizard that succumbs to no one genre and can be found exploring the depths of mutant techno and unruly bass music alike. He is the founding member of Research & Development. What started as a monthly event series at Smartbar has led to a biweekly mix series focused on nurturing new sounds, experiences and atmospheres while exploring the music and culture it was born or mutated from.

CLUB DRIPPY is the amorphous moniker of Jonathon Freund, Chicago native and co-founder of electronic powerhouse Pixel Grip. Taking inspiration from sweaty raves, the ocean, and queer joy, CLUB DRIPPY absorbs and reflects his experiences through producing, DJing, and writing.
As resident DJ and promoter of DiSCOTHEQUE, Drippy presents his record collection with elements of synthpop, industrial, new beat, italo, and indie rock for an eclectic dance floor experience.
In addition to his work with Pixel Grip and Duke Davenport, Drippy released his ambient-techno debut EP ‘Made of Silk’ in December 2020.