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$1 Beer Night:

sex no babies (ep release)

Little Church, Cozy

Monday, February 24
Show | 9:30pm // Doors | 9pm

$1 Beer Night is a weekly concert series that makes going out to hear great music more affordable.


Sex No Babies is an electronic hip-hop group from Chicago featuring agile MCs rapping over experimental dance beats. They are releasing “scene two”, the second of three EP’s + music videos on 2/24.


Mixing soul, pop, and a little psychedelic rock, LITTLE CHURCH is able to reach many corners of the complex modern soundscape. The refined blend of sparsity, chaos, tenderness, and violence allows this Chicago 4 piece to make you move, think, and feel in ways both familiar and new. Little Church released their debut EP “It’s Not You” with Diversion Records in June 2019 and currently recording their first full length set to be released later this year.



The corners and folds of the room glow; illuminated by the flicker of wicks in wax waning in-flamed. A gentle crackle from wood logs’ journey into carbon fills the dimly lit space. Waves of wind lap against the house’s exterior, but the air inside is calm and steady. We lay in the middle surrounded by stillness. We exhale. And exhale. Until the whole room is alive with a rhythmic pulse. Wading in the pools of relief and rest that we have collectively forged from molten catharsis; we surrender to the amber of time, and find ourselves fossilized in a closed loop of perpetuity. We are Cozy.




Venue bar is CASH ONLY.

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