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AUDA Rave:

the gtw, alexis jae, club initiative, bonita appleblunt

Saint Ripley, Saint Icky, Devin Hudson, Police State

Thursday, June 02
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
ADV $10 / DOS $13

The GTW is the project of Nigerian-American singer, producer, visual artist James “Akaninyene” King. He fuses genres like house, soul & afro-pop into a futuristic experience. His sound is the outgrowth of the Chicago experimental music scene that effortlessly clashed cultural grooves together to appeal to their diverse listeners. Lyrically there are no restraints as he focuses on topics such as interpersonal relationships, faith and the struggles of coming from the black diaspora. He invokes a plethora of emotions from light hearted and soothing vibes to aggressive and gritty vibes in his music. He is adding his own unique take on the experimental music landscape.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Alexis Jae has been a Pat McGrath muse since age 17 and her modeling career has seen her work with brands from Marc Jacobs to H&M, and most recently Tommy Jeans and Jeffery Campbell. She launched her music career at 19 with her breezy Bubblegum Disco EP “Live Forever in the Hearts of Others” just before the pandemic. Since then she has become a fixture  (And frequent host) in the rave scenes of Miami and NYC, and her new music fuses the uptempo rhythms and bass of the club with her sugary pop vocals to create a sound that is a fresh, fun take on Latin Freestyle.

Devin Hudson is a Producer, DJ and Audio Engineer based in Chicago, IL. His production and DJ style often blends R&B, House, UK Bass and other electronic genres to create new sonic landscapes. He also engineers at Classick Studios, where he works with a variety of musicians in the Chicago’s music scene.

Saint Ripley looks back at it all – the choices he made, the people he’s hurt, and fuck-ups more consistent than the Chicago cold – and observes without judgement, at least on his good days. At his best he’s at peace, practicing yoga, enjoying time with his dog, consistently creating, and helping others. But more often than he’d like to admit, the bad days crawl back to the surface. Recognizing that life is an uncontrollable ebb and flow, Ripley watches the obstacles arise, and responds to the best of his ability, akin to navigating a river. His discography exemplifies this duality – the heaven and hell, and everything in between.

Straight from the westside of Chicago rapper/producer Saint Icky blur the line between hip hop trap and electronic music sculpting his own niche soundscapes. He’s shown that he is a talented producer/performer over past releases his most recent “Heart Shaped Box 2” feels like his most concrete and full-sounding project to date. With beats tinged heavily in hard-hitting 808s and eerie synthesizers, Icky continues to darken the cloud around the persona of a promising up and coming voice within the Chicago DIY rap landscape. Constantly tip toeing the lines between a variety of genres, Saint Icky has successfully proven that he isn’t here to set trends and expectations—but to tear them apart, instead. Be on the look out for his next release coming this spring!

Club Initiative is Composuresquad and Please, two local artists who enjoy showcasing the local electronic and adjacent music scene via their monthly livestream and occasional event series. 

Bonita Appleblunt is a DJ and Audio Engineer, originally from Ohio, currently working and making soundwaves in Chicago. They are the resident DJ for AMFM, where they got their start DJing at AMFM’s monthly music and art showcase The Jazz Series. They have played at numerous locations around Chicago including The Promontory, SOHO House, and Subterranean, among many other spots around the city. They specialize in exploring the lineage and inspiration of modern and underground music genres with their African roots.

Police State is a Chicago-based DJ & nightlife mainstay. Inspired by legends like Moodymann, Venus X & DJ Rashad they treat their live sets like a Jazz performance because they’re never exactly the same. Police State is guaranteed to take you on a musical journey moving seamlessly from Hip-Hop & House to UK Garage & Footwork.




THU - SAT: 6PM - 2AM