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deep dive

(Half Acre Benthic Tapping)

Thursday, January 23
Show | 6pm

Benthic is BACK and we’re tapping three special varieties at Sleeping Village January 23rd with our friends from Half Acre. Come take a DEEP DIVE with us and enjoy some delicious Benthic & special Half Acre Giveaways. 

More info on featured tappings: 


2019 Benthic Imperial Stout aged in Bourbon barrels with Coconut and Coffee added / 13.9% Alc. by Volume

Malt: House 2-row, Munich, Caramel, Chocolate, Roasted Barley
Hot side hops: Minimal, but CTZ and Crystal
Dry hop: none
Yeast: house ale yeast
Other additions: bourbon barrels, toasted coconut, and coffee 

Benthic is back. Lots of work went into these beers.  We brewed the batches that became 2019 Benthic back in November of 2018.  It takes two mashes to fill the kettle once, and then we boil the wort for over 3 hours while boosting the gravity with a lot of liquid malt extract along the way.  The beer ferments out to around 12% alcohol, and the final gravity is higher than the starting gravity of Daisy Cutter.  Viscous, to say the least.  After fermentation and some cold conditioning in stainless we transfer it into freshly emptied bourbon barrels to age an additional 10 months.  This time around we used a blend of Willet, Elijah Craig, 4 Roses, and Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels.  The alcohol continues to rise during barrel aging due to some evaporation of water out of the beer and some soaking up of residual barrel-proof bourbon deep in the oak staves. After barrel aging we taste through every barrel and pull samples for micro checks in the lab before deciding on which barrels are approved to be included in the final blend.  We then pull the beer back out into stainless and condition it on coconut (toasted in house in the BMO kitchen) and whole coffee beans.  This coconut infusion process was completed over many rounds and over many hours and weeks of work.  We toasted a total of 2,200 lbs. of shredded coconut in the BMO kitchen this year.  The coffee we used is a blend of experimental coffees from Guatemala called Varios.  

Dark chocolate, coconut, rich coffee roast, oaky vanilla and bourbon 


Vanilla Benthic – Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels with Vanilla and Coconut added / 13.9% Alc. by Volume


Vanilla Benthic was born at Far and Away last year as a festival exclusive Benthic variant.  We take the base beer aged in bourbon barrels the same way as regular Benthic and then condition the beer on a bunch of madagascar vanilla beans and about the twice the amount of toasted coconut as the regular batch.  No coffee in this one.  Fobab 2019 Bronze medal winner.  


German chocolate cake, rich vanilla, marshmallow fluff ( began as the base beer for Benthic.)



Apple Brandy Benthic Imperial Stout aged in  Apple Brandy barrels with Coconut and Cinnamon added / 13.9% Alc. by Volume

This was brewed the same as regular Benthic, and then was aged for the full 10 months in apple brandy barrels.   After aging we conditioned the beer on toasted coconut and cinnamon.  This is similar to Double Barrel Benthic from last year except the beer was aged exclusively in apple brandy barrels the whole time.


Baked apple pie, cinnamon teddy graham, cocoa ( began as the base beer for Benthic.)




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