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$1 Beer Night

junegrass, dusk, gerund

Tuesday, June 28
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8:30pm
$5 Show / $1 PBR Cans

$1 Beer Night is a weekly concert series that makes going out to hear great music more affordable. With a five dollar cover, discover upcoming artists and enjoy Pabst Blue Ribbon beer for $1.

Gerund was spoken into existence on August 23, 2018 at The Whistler. Lee Ketch (bass) asked Calvin Fredrickson (guitar, vocals), “Hey, want to write rock songs together?” The two agreed it was a financially sound decision. They enlisted mutual friend Connor Boyle (drums) because three’s a party. Gerund’s sole release — Live at Pallet Sound, recorded by Seth Engel — invites comparisons to Come, Heatmiser, and early-aughts Barsuk Records artists. Gerund members are famous from their other bands: Mooner, Terriers, and sewingneedle.

Appleton, Wisconsin’s Dusk may seem to have fallen from the sky. Surrounded by a music climate of destination festivals and instagram celebrity, they’ve remained reclusive, yet focused on the proverbial carrot on the end of the stick that’s hard for so many working musicians to define. For the past eight years, they’ve maintained a steady schedule of recording and “hitting the dirt”, as they say: spending weeks on the road playing dives and basements. 

In what may be perceived as a daring move, Dusk have insisted on attempting to thrive in their own small nook, just outside the boundaries of the Midwestern United States’ Rust Belt. They’ve built a small empire around their art- isolating themselves from the glitter of show business in pursuit of total creative freedom and an audience that will embrace their ideas and eccentricities. These ideas find their roots in the vast canon of American music; from the jazz standard songbook to the shuffle and stomp of honky tonk country.

They’ve claimed a large early twentieth century brick home on Appleton’s east side as their home-base, where the majority of them live. The residence has been dubbed “Crutch Of Memory”, and roughly a third of its structure has been converted into a legitimate recording studio used for composition, arrangement, and audio engineering for their in-house record label releases and independent projects. Their debut self-titled album is among these independent projects; produced by the band in a gritty and slightly obtuse manner over the course of two or three years. The production value removes the listener from the context of the time period and acts as a hole in the wall of which to view the group as master composers and arrangers. Much like their prior debut single, Dusk’s self-titled record isn’t embracing revivalism, nor is it waving the flag of modern lo or hi fidelity. There is no concept or grand statement. It’s simply an album of songs.

Their lyrical content is typically personal- They speak of inner conflict regarding the geographic region in which they live, loneliness & relationships, the mundane, and human nature. Their deviations into politics are brief and veiled in metaphor and hyperbole. Dusk’s word is sincere and easy to understand. It’s a common language spoken by the perfect messengers. In both recorded and live performance, they bring this message to a world all too caught up in the complexities of the modern age. 

JUNEGRASS is a shapeshifting group of instrumental rock and roll explorers from Chicago who bridge gaps between genre and open doors to new sonic dimensions. Each time these fella’s play it is a brand new experience. With many different sounds under their belt, something might just surprise you.


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