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SV Patio Show:

glow in the dark flowers

Desert Liminal

Sunday, June 13
Show | 5pm

Jessee Rose Crane and Philip Jerome Lesicko are glow in the dark flowers, an art band from New Douglas, Illinois. There’s a gold vein of expressive wealth that runs through their consistently evolving sound. Dedicated to a fault, they sculpt recordings analog from their studio Rose Raft carved out from an abandoned family home. Here, the two direct an artist musician’s residency and provide creative lifeblood to a collective of artists from all over the country. They are a band intent on growing and nurturing their art over a lifetime.

Desert Liminal began as the solo songwriting project of Chicago musician Sarah Jane Quillin, in the wake of a beloved band ending (Heavy Dreams, a fruitful collaboration with DEHD’s Emily Kempf). Desert Liminal’s unique sound is marked by Quillin’s spectral vocal melodies layered over warm, looping walls of vintage synthesizer filtered through a distortion pedal array. Rob Logan’s drumming ranges from driving post-punk drum grooves to thoughtful, held back polyrhythms. While his drumming serves and elevates each song, Logan’s deeply caring presence anchors the band. Violinist and prolific noise artist Mallory Linehan (Chelsea Bridge) perfects the trio’s sound with spacious strings and tape loops that blend into the warm wash of resonating reverb and delay. Their debut LP Glass Fate will be released in 2021 via Whited Sepulchre Records.

This is a seated, outdoor performance with limited capacity. Proof of vaccination required. You can show your card, a copy of your card, or a photo of your card. Masks will not be required, but feel free to wear one if that makes you more comfortable. (Some of us are continuing to do so!)




WED - SAT: 5PM - 1AM