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lust for youth

Courtesy, French Police

Saturday, October 26
Show | 9:30pm // Doors | 9pm
$15 ADV | $17 DOS

Pirouetting on decadence, meeting eyes with a dizzy sensation, falling and flying at the same time — Lust for Youth have continually held poise through the most vitalizing of times. Their new album, a self-titled collection of eight songs, is sure-footed where they had earlier feared to tread, and light-headed for a new set of reasons. The album is driven by a dance-pop agenda, hustling its way through upbeat peaks that level out into reflective ballads. While still taking clear cues from a crop of austere synth-pop, Lust for Youth sound brighter than they ever have before, taking tips from some of the flirtiest Eurobeat to aid their new direction.

“Lust For Youth are now a duo, and from start to finish this feels like an album where Norvinde and Malthe Fischer are putting down roots rather than constantly tweaking, reinventing and polishing. Dousing their most euphoric moments in gloom has become their calling card, but opening track ‘New Balance Point’ and ‘Insignificant’ are as warm and dreamy as a Balearic sunset, bathed in bright-eyed optimism.”

“Highlights ‘Venus De Milo’ and ‘Great Concerns’ are far more on-brand, the former as cool and cold as white marble, while the latter wraps frustration at human carelessness up in shiny synths and chiming guitars: “Reject climate change… What will it take?  / A flood over Europe? A Fist in the face?” On bittersweet closer, ‘By No Means’, when Norvinde croons, “You’re always happy to talk about your misery, your sentiments are tainted, a compliment from you would insult me”, it comes off like The Smiths via The Pet Shop Boys, and would have both Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook swooning.” —NME




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