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origami button

Lobby Boxer, Kirby Grip, ORISUN

Saturday, June 11
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
ADV $14 / DOS $16

Math rock for people that don’t like math rock.

In early 2018, longtime friends and Columbia College students Brandon Amaloo and Matt Kerner convened with classmates and friends Carter Jones, Rene Gutierrez and Taylor Ford in dingy practice rooms, basement studios, and each other’s apartments with no fixed objective beyond making music they wanted to hear and playing some shows with their friends. A few years, twelve songs, and some 4.5+ million streams later, Origami Button’s eclectic sound, somewhat humorously self described as ‘math rock for people who don’t like math rock’, has captured the attention and ears of plenty of fans in the Chicago area and far beyond.

Entirely self-recorded and produced, the band’s two records Button Season and No Parking see them seamlessly mix the accessible with the technically complex, pulling from alternative rock, R&B, funk, and off kilter punk and post-hardcore in equal measure. 2022 will see them take their unique sound on the road for the first time while also working on their third release, which is sure to be their weirdest, catchiest, most captivating set of songs so far.

Lobby Boxer is an aggressively secular group of St. Louis’ most dashing rock music torch-carriers. With a bottomless well of energy, the band dances around the varying styles of rock, metal, and punk with vigor and flair; pairing flashy licks and solos with anthemic pop choruses. Upgrading from a trio to a quartet in 2020, they’ve been grinding away at new material and bursting at the seams with excitement for the future. A typical Lobby Boxer fan may find themselves also enjoying My Chemical Romance, The Killers, The Mars Volta, and Dismemberment Plan.

Inspired by 90’s and 2000’s alternative rock, emo, and all the in-betweens, Kirby Grip is a 4-piece band based in Chicago formed in 2019. The lineup consists of Alex Kociper, Joseph Valdivia, Ryan Nolen, and Kevin Tiongson. Their debut record Portrait of Bliss showcases both heavy, and down-to-earth guitar-rock equally influenced and inspired by Chicago favorites of a louder 90s hay day (Smashing Pumpkins, Local H) and more contemporary distorted guitar-driven acts (Nothing, Narrow Head, Teenage Wrist). Much like the entirety of what is to come with Portrait of Bliss, the first single “Armstrong” proves the idea that healing is a collective effort—both Nolen and Valdivia bounce back and forth sharing vocals, lifting the other up as the band descends back into a maelstrom of distorted and downright melodic feedback. When the band is in full force together, healing feels like a real possibility. ,

ORISUN are star-crossed musicians based in Chicago. These two punky queer partners used quarantine as an opportunity to develop their lofi musings to culminate in an EP, THIS IS ORISUN. ORISUN exhibit clear indie rock sensibility, their jazz and soul roots present within Kai’s driving basslines and potent drum patterns. Asha’s vocals are spread densely across lush chord progressions.The pair seek to reclaim guitar based music genres for black musicians, as well as claim new space for musicians of trans identity. 






THU - SAT: 6PM - 2AM