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Radical Camaraderie:

zoë ligon & coriama

Turning Passion Into Profession

Sunday, November 10
Show | 6pm // Doors | 5pm

NIGHT ONE: Rebirth After Trauma -> bit.ly/2M77Bfz

$22 WEEKEND PASS (Limited Availability) -> bit.ly/2MxcYnk


Coriama & Zoë are are two self-taught sexuality professionals who have taken different paths towards cultivating their sex positive practice. During this two part event, they discuss two subjects that have been influential and relevant to sex activism.


NIGHT 2 – Radical Camaraderie: Turning Passion Into Profession
Coriama & Zoë explore ways to enter the world of sexuality regardless of your educational background. As self-taught sexuality professionals, we believe there are multiple paths to cultivating your own sexual awareness, and sharing that with the world. Coriama will talk about her pursuits with sex KiKi & launching KiKiTUBE, an erotic film platform that centers Black queer and trans folx. Zoë will share how she went from making porn collages to being the CEO of Spectrum Boutique, an educational online sex toy store

Coriama is an erotic artist, activator, facilitator, and pleasure activist whose practice explores the ABCS (art, beauty, culture, and sexuality). As a sensualist, Coriama utilizes various modalities that heavily focus on spirituality and sex-positive multimedia. She founded sex KiKi to explore sexual healing, radical dialogue, and uplift queer black femmes.

Zoë Ligon is a Detroit-based sex educator, journalist and artist who is also the proprietor of progressive online sex toy emporium, Spectrum Boutique, where she has made it her life’s work to blast away the stigmas and misinformation that prevent us from having the amazing sex we all deserve. Zoë has a background in social psychology, harm reduction, and inclusive pleasure-focused sex education.


NIGHT ONE: Rebirth After Trauma -> bit.ly/2M77Bfz

$22 WEEKEND PASS (Limited Availability) -> bit.ly/2MxcYnk




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