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Tomorrow Never Knows 2022:

sen morimoto

w/ Blake Saint David, Angel Bat Dawid

Thursday, January 20
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
ADV $16 / DOS $18

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Sen Morimoto is a multi-instrumentalist Recording Artist & Producer. He was born in Kyoto, Japan and moved to the USA as a baby where he lived on a Volkswagen bus with his family before settling into a hippie commune in a state forest of Western Massachusetts. He studied saxophone with the late Charles Neville, formed a noise rock group in Sonic Youth’s basement as a teenager (literally), and later co-founded a weirdo FADER-profiled hip-hop collective in the woods of Western Mass. He has been covered in Pitchfork since he was a high schooler. However, it wasn’t until he moved to Chicago that he began to discover his voice as a solo Artist in earnest.

In Chicago, Sen would become an underground Rick Rubin / Jon Brion type, collaborating w/ all scenes in the city from rap (Pivot Gang), Pop (KAINA), Jazz (Resavoir), Indie (Lala Lala), etc… He’s a conduit to all the different scenes and it goes beyond making music. He’s a label head (Sooper Records), an Activist (was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune for it in 2020) and is also a part of the poetry and writing scene.

His 2018 debut LP Cannonball! Was co-released by culture giant 88Rising and the Chicago indie label that Sen co-owns, Sooper Records. He subsequently released his self-titled 2020 follow up on Sooper Records. Both albums garnered critical acclaim in the USA, Europe, and Japan, and led Sen out onto the road including several tours of the USA, two tours of Japan, and appearances at Festivals including the Boiler Room Jazz Festival (UK), Summersonic (Tokyo), and Head In The Clouds (USA).

Blake Saint David is a musical Artist from Chicago’s South Side. The 21-year-old non-binary artist produces their own work, mixing elements of R&B, rap, experimental synthesizer / drum production, and sound design for something FRESH: genre bending, dark, mysterious, and full of ear-worms. The Be Your Own Celebrity EP is their first release with Chicago indie label Sooper Records, and is a project defined by nervous energy, smokey mystique, and cool hooks.

Angel Bat Dawid is a Black American Composer, Improviser, Clarinetist, Pianist, Vocalist, Educator & DJ. Her critically acclaimed Album ” The Oracle”, released by Chicago label International Anthem recorded using only her cell phone in various locations has been featured in Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, The Guardian and many other publications.  Angel composed and premiered “Requiem for Jazz” at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, and “Peace: A Suite for Skylanding” commissioned by the Art Institute of Chicago for Yoko Ono’s outdoor Skylanding Installation. She also tours internationally with her septet “Tha Brothahood” releasing their album LIVE making NPR’s best of 2020 list. Angel leads the all-woman trio Sistazz of the Nitty Gritty with bassist Brooklynn Skye Scott and Pianist Anaiet. As half of the duo group DAOUI Angel & sound artist Oui Ennui produced, mixed and self-released the album “Message from the DAOUI” which was featured at Tusk Festival 2020. As an educator Angel teaches her “Great Black Music” course at Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center through Old Town School of Folk and is clarinetist in Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble as well as hosts a monthly music show on NTS Radio.

“Music is a language, you see, a universal language.” —Sun Ra





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