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Safari Room, Ava Lake

Sunday, March 22
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
$10 ADV | $12 DOS

Bold and poised, Sugarpulp reflects the power of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the pop undertones of The Kinks, and the sparkle of T.Rex. With the release of their first full-length album, Teeth, Sugarpulp melds a current of sounds from the 60s and 80s beneath biting femme lyrics. Tune in for tasty rifts that seep deep.


Safari Room is an indie rock band, assembled in Nashville, TN, but born elsewhere. With a keenness on human connection as a founding cornerstone, the band is characterized by ambient soundscapes, intricate rhythms, baritone-led falsetto vocals, crunchy guitars and introspective lyrical content. Touring the U.S. far and wide, Safari Room has established themselves as one of Nashville’s most intriguing and personal rock bands.


Ava Lake is a Chicago based musician giving a new sound to dance pop. Starting to cultivate her loves of pop and dance, Ava collaborated with Small Talk (now Daniel Loumpouridis) to release an EP, eventually reaching over 500k listens. Following her passion for singing and dance music, she continued to work with many producers. However, realized only she could bring her vision to life. For Ava, learning production meant finally finding a medium with enough scope to give life to the sound she has been working towards. This vibrant young artist now gives a new energy to music, one that will make you dance, sing, and feel the inspiration of an idea.





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