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Stuck, CB Radio Gorgeous

Friday, January 17
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
$12 ADV | $15 DOS

N0V3L (the new project from members of Crack Cloud), craft politically charged, danceable punk. N0V3L occupies a sonic landscape that recalls spring-loaded post-punk dissonance, new-wave’s downcast dance anthems, and laser-precise political funk. NOVEL, their eight-track debut EP, is a fluorescent, freshly-scorched declaration of intent, a martial, brutalist slab of nimble melodics and group-yelped anti-capitalist mantras. From the numerics in their name to their black/white/red aesthetic scheme, N0V3L is a carefully-calculated machine.


w/ Stuck

Stuck is a local post-punk band drawing influences from bands like Uranium Club and Omni, bent by noise rock bands like Shellac and Jesus Lizard. They write frenetic, needling, and often introspective songs dealing with themes of grief and anxiety in our increasingly grim sociopolitical landscape.


CB Radio Gorgeous:

With a new 7-inch out in 2020 on Thrilling Living/Not Normal Records, CB Radio Gorgeous continue their breakneck rampage on the face of punk. Vocalist Anna Kinderman (Hellwoman), guitarist Matt Revers (Negative Scanner), drummer Joseph Seger (Big Zit, CCTV), and bassist Jill Lloyd Flanagan (Forced into Femininity, Coughs) make a sharp yet tuneful racket.
CB Radio Gorgeous combines the impressionist lyrics and expressionistic delivery of Kinderman with the tricky simplicity of Revers’s guitar work. This structure is bulked up by the barreling paradiddles of Seger and counterpointed with the pointy flourishes of Flanagan. Equally influenced by Crass, Bad Brains, Dolly Mixture and Grand Funk Railroad, CB Radio Gorgeous are what the Quietus called a “vice-tight unit warranting hype of the good kind.”






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