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w/ X Will Mark The Place, Hard Pet

Sunday, May 29
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
ADV $13 / DOS $15

Formed in 2012, Winnipeg’s Tunic was borne of spite — formed after being told Schellenberg “wasn’t good enough” for another band. Abandoning someone else’s dreams for his own, Tunic sought out a sound inspired by the melodic approaches of Quicksand and Superchunk, venom and heartache in Converge and calculated instrumental prowess behind Cult Leader. Releasing their debut 7” in 2015, Tunic has since charged across the globe relentlessly, zigging and zagging as part of more than a dozen jaunts in North America and Europe, as well as tagging shows with a varied lot that includes names like Ken Mode, Single Mothers and even Hank Wood and the Hammerheads. Tunic’s bloodlust for the road has caused some turnover in membership, not to mention bouts with tinnitus, bangovers and exhaustion. Yet in between all of that touring, Tunic crafted and released their debut LP Complexion for release in 2019. The album was followed by another massive 11 weeks of dates to support it, naturally.

With some time for reflection and even a brief period of -gulp- actually slowing down, Tunic has returned with their most coherent set of songs yet. Quitter is the middle ground between intelligence and blunt-force trauma, channelling rage into a set of songs hellbent on redemption through self-examination. On “Reward of Nothing,” Schellenberg belts out his thoughts emphatically:

I’m tired


These curses won’t lift.

“It’s about the hopelessness of the entire situation–” explains Schellenberg of the lyrics, delivered with a jaw-clenching fury. “It’s about having a dependency on alcohol and watching everybody age out of your own band.” Yet regardless of the bleakness of the lyrical content, the quality of the songwriting and original riffs shine through, making Quitter something that won’t leave your musical headspace.

X Will Mark the Place is a dancy, aggressive punk project from the northwest side of Chicago. Beginning their journey in late 2020, their 4-song demo EP entitled “Babble” is an explosive, chaos-filled 7 minutes exploring the ever-raging thoughts behind vocalist, Eric Centeno. 

Following playing their first few shows in 2021, the punk trio released a 2-track single entitled “Panhead / Pain” which contains a cover of what is arguably Boy Harsher’s most recognizable and loved song “Pain”. Having condensed and converted the 7 minute track into a swift, brash 2 minute punk rendition, X has established “Pain” as a fan favorite.

X Will Mark the Place is all about high-energy, fast-paced performances. Taking influence from personal hardcore punk favorites such as BIB, Show Me the Body, and Gulch, X strives to not only mirror those bands’ energy, but go even further to create a visceral experience for all. 


Hard Pet


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