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vanishing twin

w/ Jessica Risker

Monday, March 21
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm

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The new album by Vanishing Twin, Ookii Gekkou (Japanese for Big Moonlight), is the sound of ordinary life under a different set of rules, in a place where it’s always night. This is a record conceived and created under lockdown – a sort of dream catcher for all the madness of the past year. Each song a spell or an incantation for coping with the oddity and the eeriness of it all. The music contains no fewer surprises as a result. It explores new ground for the band, incorporating elements of afrofunk, outer jazz and avant-garde, all the while keeping a foot in more traditional pop songwriting. 

Hurricanes, organisms, vibes, bells, and percussive rallies all follow, each infiltrated with influences as diverse as Piero Umiliani, Art Ensemble of Chicago and ELO among others. Indeed, even a cursory earful adds to an ever-expanding palette of sound, no mean feat for the newly-trimmed quartet of songwriter, singer and multi- instrumentalist Cathy Lucas, drummer Valentina Magaletti, bassist Susumu Mukai, and synth/guitar player Phil MFU, this reduction resulting in no fewer ideas and even bigger steps. 

Jessica Risker is a musician and visual artist based in Chicago, Illinois.  Risker’s music fluctuates between electro-psychedelic/experimental albums, instrumental music box lullabies, and psych-folk songs.  From the neopsychedelic/garage rocker ’Won’t You Meet Us In Vegas?, to the space-folk ‘Zero Summer Mind’, Risker’s continuous genre shifting is inspired by dual desires to 1) experiment with soundscapes made possible by modern recording techniques, and 2) craft melodies, lyrics, and structures pared down to their most basic elements.  

Risker’s latest album, the psych-folk gem “I See You Among The Stars” was released to critical acclaim via Western Vinyl in 2018.  Risker is currently working on a new psych-folk album written during the pandemic.  Risker currently performs with Joshua Wentz (synths and electronix), Brian Weza (bass) and Jenn Romero (flute and vocals).  

Risker also hosts a weekly podcast called “Music Therapy With Jessica Risker”.  The podcast’s goal is to explore creativity, artistic careers, and other issues meaningful to musicians, and offer mental health awareness and support, based on Risker’s professional experience as a psychotherapist.  

To learn more about Jessica Risker, visit https://jessicarisker.com/





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