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Wednesday, June 24
Show | 9pm // Doors | 8pm
$12 ADV | $15 DOS

The music of vlossom is an entry into another world, a wonderland both beautifully futuristic and profoundly elemental. A newly birthed collaboration between Australian musicians Nick Littlemore (PNAU, Empire of the Sun) and Alister Wright (Cloud Control), vlossom symphonize elements of pop and psych-rock and electronic music into something strangely multisensory—a body of work possessed of its own distinct texture and temperature and color and perfume, euphoric and often trance-inducing yet undeniably transformative.


True to the enchanted nature of the project, vlossom emerged from a moment of charmed spontaneity: while walking down the street one autumn day in Adelaide, Littlemore bumped into Wright and immediately proposed that they make an album together. “He had this exuberance that shone through as he approached me, and right away I felt compelled to offer myself up for the slaughter,” says Littlemore, who’d first spotted Wright at a Cloud Control show more than a decade earlier. Several months later, the two musicians joined up for their first session, during which Littlemore played a number of backing tracks he’d recently created (including a few pieces made with Tim Lefebvre, a bassist known for his work with David Bowie). “Without really talking or anything, Nick threw me straight in and had me sing over all these instrumentals,” Wright recalls. “I ended up getting so lost in it, and just singing whatever came into my head at the time.”





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