CHIRP Radio Welcomes: Night 1: Pile w/ Being Dead * Yours, Mookie * Options

Thu, Sep 14 8:00PM


$18 Adv, $20 Dos + Fees | 21+

CHIRP DJ Comus Rivera will be curating tunes in the main bar before and after our show with Pile * Being Dead * Yours, Mooke * Options. CHIRP DJ Comus Rivera (DJ Duggery) spins the weird and the fantastic to highlight all that magical music made just for midnight. You know the kind, the odd twangs and caw’d vocals that make your head spin in the best way possible. From post-punk to psytrance, find DJ Duggery live or tune in Thursday nights from midnight to 3 AM on CHIRP Radio 107.1 FM for all things strange and surreal.

“I want to do what makes me feel like a kid: experimenting, having fun, and trying to discover new things about this work,” says Pile’s Rick Maguire about All Fiction. It’s his band’s eighth record, and one that finds the ambitious group assembling its most texturally complex material yet—despite the fraught inspiration underscoring its restive lyrics.

Falcon Bitch and Gumball are best friends. The Texas-based multi-instrumentalists love to make up elaborate tales of their first meeting: as chimney sweeps in the mid-1700s, as shoemakers in Middle England, as competing acrobats in a traveling circus. It’s a testament to their ever-playful attitude—one that pours over into their project, Being Dead, in which the band toes the line between jest and sincerity.

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Doors open - 7:30 PM
Bar Opens - 6:00 PM


General Admission $20
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