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Mac Blackout is an American visual artist and musician from Chicago. He’s a founding member of The Functional Blackouts, Daily Void, Mickey, New Rose Alliance and MBB (Mac Blackout Band), and he’s also known as a prolific solo recording artist. His projects have been released by Sacred Bones, HoZac, FDH, Pelican Pow Wow, among others. Mac is currently a freelance illustrator, muralist, and fine artist creating album covers, posters, drawings, prints, paintings, murals, and mixed media sculptures.


Based out of Chicago, artist Mitch Reardon creates maze-like works featuring strong edges and vibrant colors. Through contrasting and spontaneous line work his pieces simultaneously create both a sense of structure and disarray. He experiments across a range of mediums including canvas, murals, wearable art, screen prints, sculpture, and more.

To submit a mural project for consideration please contact Robert Brenner: [email protected].

Upcoming Events
fri, July 08
sat, July 09
'BUNNY' Album Release Performance

Mister Goblin

w/Black Seinfeld, Flowurz
thu, July 14